Saturday, December 02, 2006

Grand gestures

What is a grand gesture?

Is it a large bouquet of roses delivered in red ribbon-tied box? Or a horse drawn carriage ride? Is it the the wedding kiss?

Or is it simply the touch of a hand at the right moment? Or that look from across the room - the look you weren't supposed to see that you busted him on? Or or is it the acceptance and welcome of things or people in your life that change the direction you thought you were going? Or could it be sleeping on the couch so your significant other could have a decent nights sleep (even knowing you won't)?

Or is it something unexpected? Is it that surpise call in the middle of day just to say "Hi - How are you? - I love you more than my last and future breath - See you after work!"

Or is it seeing a possibly homeless person walking around town picking up pop cans in the cold, wind, and snow and deciding to do something? Knowing you can't do afford much to give as far as money is concerned but you figure out what you can do - knit - and knit a hat for the "walker guy" for the upcoming MI winter.

What constitutes a grand gesture? And does it really matter if the gesture is grand or is it more important that there is a gesture?

There are movies (Love Actually) and wine (Chianti) that make too many thoughts run through busy minds ---

Have a good night/morning....

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