Friday, December 22, 2006


As I sit here on the eve of Christmas Eve with a little too much family dealings today and not enough wine - I feel quiet.

Not the quiet retrospective of looking over the past year at where I've been and what I've done. But more the quiet in-drawn 'not quite here' quiet.

Not really sure why or how I went 'away' but just that I did. Sometimes family will do that to me and considering I've been around them since about 2 this afternoon until about 10 - that could explain it. We went to see PB's family from 2 until about 7:30 and then went to my folks' house straight from there until a little bit ago.

I'm not totally a homebody but there comes a point when you cry "Uncle!" and just want home with a good glass (or few) of wine. I reached that point a little after 6:00.

Here's hoping I can find myself back and my voice before Santa comes for the kids tomorrow AM. (We have PB's 2 kids for Christmas Eve day this year.) Then we have another of my family's get togethers tomorrow night. I wonder how I can smuggle wine into Nana's house??

But I do see a bag from Jared's that might mean a sparkly Christmas day!

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