Thursday, December 14, 2006

A few questions I have....

I have no children - however, I have 2 stepkids. These are resulting questions I have after some recent conversations (not had by me) involving the custody of B, my stepson.

How can your need to be in control as a mother (or in general) over-ride your desire for your children to be happy?

How do you believe your own sanctimonious lies when everyone around you knows you're only in it for your own benefit?

How can you claim to love your children yet treat them with less courtesy than you would a stranger you pass on the street?

How can you say that your children (or child) matters to you yet be more concerned with the monetary aspects of having said child?

{That last one is also asked of Dave N. - my sperm-donor "father".}

How do you find love for children who aren't your own when sometimes you're unsure of your "place"?

How is it that I seem to have (from all those concerned) more interest, care and concern for children who have no 'real' tie to me than their own mother does?

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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