Saturday, June 02, 2007

To Linda - - -

Today we went to a party for Linda, the wife of a friend/vendor (hubby & I are both in purchasing, we both consider him a friend more than anything). We had met her about a year ago when we were invited to their house to help fix their computer.

PB & I hadn't met her before but we knew Al (friend/vendor) pretty well. Linda greeted us with a hug, like we were old friends. By the end of that dinner we were all laughing, joking, getting into deep personal conversations as well as fluff. On the drive home I told PB "I like her - she's really good people." [I usually get along better with guys than I do women so for me to get along this well with someone and truly enjoy their company was pretty high praise from me.]

We met her and Al for lunch once during the week a couple months after that fuzzy night (the wine she was a-flowing that night...) and again we were greeted with a hug like we were old friends. You know those kind of friends that are more like family than friends - that's how Linda made us feel even though we didn't know each other for years.

Today was a celebration of her and the life she had. Linda passed away from cancer about 2 weeks ago. It truly was a party and exactly what she wanted. There was beer & wine, munchie food, pictures, stories and dancing. I believe it was a party she would have liked and I can see her going from table to table making everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Linda - I didn't know you well but I loved the person I knew and came to know better today. May I not see you again for a long time but you'll be one of those people I look up in Heaven someday. I hope to discover your welcoming spirit and openness to and with others. You left too soon & will be missed.