Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Skulls..... I'm in love

I figured out something to knit over this past Easter weekend. This, slightly modified to be a bit bigger. I found a charcoal grey with a nice blood red for the skull. No pictures at the moment. Since I haven't started on the skull yet it wouldn't really be much to look at.

I've also found a couple new Sigg bottles that I think I'm going to have to get. This blue and white one and this black and red one. These bottles are so cool! I bought one a while back and just started using it in the last month or so. They keep your water (or whatever...) cold and they're way better than normal plastic water bottles. They are intended to be reusable and very easy to clean. Not to mention that they can take a shot and can still be used. : )

And I came across some awesome skull & crossbones buttons. Now only if I could find the link for them I might be spending some more money.....

However, I've recently been working out more and trying to eat better. I've gotten up early every day before work for nearly a month and I've already lost 10#'s. So with that goal met - I decided my reward was that blue Sigg bottle. Now what reasoning could I come up with for the black one? ]: )

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Friday that isn't a Friday

I get a nice long weekend starting now. I've got Good Friday off of work. So you know what that means..... Time to find bad tv or a few movies, some UFO's and go crazy. One problem - I've become bored with my UFO's and I'm dying to try something new but I haven't found inspiration yet. I smell a LYS trip in my future!

Any suggestions on what to knit? I've got 2 scarves, a Garterlac dishcloth, and a Ruana currently on needles. I'm thinking I'm going to have to make one of these, filled with cotton balls & cat nip for an Easter treat for the critters. I've checked all the free patterns I've saved, looked through the couple books I have, and a couple magazines - and I've come up with nothing!

Help? Hints? Suggestions? Anything?

I've got 3 days without any real set plans other than it would be nice to knit something....