Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jose ?!?!?!?!

When PB & I went on our honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic we had this awesome bartender - Jose. There was a drink that the resort had that involved hacking off part of a coconut with a machete and filling it with ice, coconut milk and rum. Well Jose and I were having fun one night and I kept drinking out of the coconut and he kept filling it in with rum - until I was just drinking straight rum. Gotta love Jose! : )

Jose was well known to us to mix a drink, pop down on his haunches behind the bar, suck down that very same drink, and then pop back up like a Jack (Jose hahaha) in a box. Needless to say there were times were weren't sure who was the sober-est of the 3 of us.

There was one story Jose told that we still laugh at from time to time. We were at his bar and quite frankly we were all feeling no pain, when he began to tell a story about when he came home late and his wife's reaction. They got into a big fight and she kept saying "F*ck you, Jose. F*ck you!" We laughed at his story and that seemed to be like adding fuel to Jose's fire. He kept saying "F*ck you, Jose! F*ck you!" and giggling like a child at Christmas. The more we laughed the more he kept saying "F*ck you, Jose! F*ck you!" and giggling.

Now there are times in which PB is up and notices an empty or near empty wine glass and his statement is "Bad Jose!" for not being an attentive bar tender. There's then a little smile/smirk that follows that statement.

PB was a little bit slacking tonight before we started putting up our Christmas tree. So I say to that "Bad Jose". : )

Here's the bar we first met Jose - I miss that funny little Dominican.....

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