Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scary news

Found out today that for this year there are 95 openings into the Nursing program. They have 315 people to choose from. They start with the highest grades and go from there.

I found out yesterday that they only admit people to the program once a year. They choose during May for the following Fall. So the earliest I could get into the program is Fall 2011. But now knowing about the amount of people looking to get into so few spots... has me wondering how soon I'd really get into the program.

Another bad thing - In order to get the money from the state you have to be "enrolled in the program". I've heard from some people that you're not eligible for the money if you're taking the pre-reqs to get into the program. Once you're accepted into the program then you can get the money. But will the program still be around in a year (at best)?

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