Monday, May 24, 2010


You know what people could really use? There own personal cheerleader!

Someone to tell you they're not crazy for thinking something totally beyond what you've ever thought.

Someone to give them a big shot of confidence if yours is lacking at the moment.

Someone to tell them "You can do it" when you're convinced you can't or that it's too much.

Someone to not project their own fears/concerns on to you.

Someone who believes in you no matter what - even when everyone else is saying you can't or shouldn't.

Someone who has faith in you and that things will work out even when you can't see it right now.

Now I'm not just saying the typical high school cheerleaders - rah rah go team.... kind of stuff. Or some who just "blows smoke up your ass". But more like the boxing coach who is always in your corner rooting for you even when you're stumbling and can barely open one of your eyes for the swelling.

I remember an episode of an old tv show from too many years ago. A guy, who was an incredible nerd, kind of had the same thoughts I just shared. He made a box - in the music box fashion - that when opened it gave you a standing ovation. Applause, cheers, whistles - the whole 9 yards.

Kinda wish there really was one of those out there in the world....

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Mia said...

That's why WE're here!! We KNOW you can do anything. Anybody can do whatever they want to if they try. Forget the negative people.. cross them off your list. Do what you want and live your life for YOU and what makes YOU happy.

You only get one chance. Rah-Rah-Rah!