Monday, August 07, 2006

Blue sky & clouds

I'm currently at work covering for the receptionist as she takes her lunch break. The view from the front windows is much better than the lack of view from my office. Prison grey is just such and unattractive color!

I started my muff for the Muff along over the weekend. PB and I drove up to Big Rapids to bring some feed for the deer (PB hunts in the fall) and I figured a couple hours traveling would be the perfect time to start. I got the first smaller cuff and a little bit of the body completed before we got back home.

While we were in Big Rapids we stopped at A & W for dinner. This was one of the few remaining old drive ins. You know the kind where you pull up under a canopy to a little menu and speaker box, place your order and someone delivers it out to you on a tray that hooks over your window. I have to say the girl who brought our food didn't have roller skates, a cute little hat or a ponytail. But it was still very cool and nothing could beat the root beer float in the old fashioned thick glass mugs. You know, we had the camera with us but I was too caught up in the moment to take a single picture.

I ended up getting about 4-5" of the body done. It's a really quick going project and I like how it's turning out. Maybe tonight I'll get a chance to take a teaser picture since I don't want to show all of it until it's done.

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