Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lacking substance (& knitting pics)

Really, truly I've been meaning to take pictures of my knitting projects or FO's - - - but I just haven't. I know..... bad blogger me.

So in the absence of knitting content - I bring you CORN! (yes, I know there are nights that I seem to have lost my mind; bear with me sanity will catch up with me sooner or later.)

When I say that my yard sometimes looks more like a cornfield than a yard I really mean it.

Notice the little tuft of silk on the ear of corn - right by my front porch door?!?

Oh and an update on the gutter corn.... It has an ear!!! (sometimes folks, it's the little things : )

Further proof that I'm not the wacko planting all this corn

- here's the spidey feeder (along with more corn growing underneath it). The box has a hinged lid to hold the squirrel chow that they usually lift up with their heads and dig around in for the good stuff. They love them some unsalted peanuts in the shell!! The shepherds hook is holding the spring-looking thing that holds an ear of corn.

Here's a cute little rodent caught red-handed! (red-pawed??).

I've never caught one sitting in my gutters before so I couldn't resist taking a couple pics. I ended up getting too close for his liking and he ran away up on the roof. Busted!!

Really, truly I plan (and will!) take knitting pics this weekend. I've even updated my list of on the needles and WIP's on the sidebar in an effort of good faith (or just to remind my fuzzy self of the pics I need to take! : )

p.s. I've finished my muff for the muff along I just need to finish seaming!

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The Purloined Letter said...

I think you could come out with a new cookbook: Cooking From Your Gutter!