Friday, August 25, 2006

Is it just me?

I went on a mini-vacation last weekend (can little more than a long weekend to visit family. in-laws even, be considered a vacation??) and had wonderful thoughts of knitting there and back. From my lake side town in MI to Minnesota close to the Iowa line that would be about 9-10 hours in a car.

I could get tons done on my Ruana (that I haven't touched in weeks.....)! I could finish my Kool-Aid scarf (not touched in months.....)! I could start and finish a can cooler for PB for work!

Such great plans!! Such amazing visions of completion!! The oooo's and ahhh's from everyone marveling at my finished objects!! I am knitting Goddess turning WIP's into FO's!!


Friday drive out to MN -
After 8 rows on the Kool-Aid scarf - I was bored.
I started a new knitted bracelet cuff (on 1's!! Had to buy them for this project - eeek)

Sunday drive back to MI -
Started a new bag out of cotton (side note - no real pattern and it got frogged on Tuesday and then cast on for a traveling laundry bag, again no real pattern)
Worked on the bracelet cuff
Started the can cooler for PB

Never touched the biggest project - the Ruana - other than to look at the bag in the trunk and go "Oh yeah...."

FO's - 0
New Projects Started - 3

Is it just me? Or is there a support group for those of us with too many WIP's??

"Hi. My name is Kat. I'm a habitual new project starter, very rarely finishing something before starting something new. I get really excited about something new and find myself very easily bored with something that needs finishing. Then I cannot possibly conceive of finishing anything without at least starting on the new project."

Say it with me in unison - - -

"Hi Kat - welcome! You are among friends - as we are the UFO Collector's Anonymous"

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The Purloined Letter said...

Yep--I think there are a whole lot of us who will join your club!