Tuesday, January 05, 2010

RIP, Shorty

About 12 hours after arriving at hospice, my dad passed away this morning - I got the call at 6:36 am.

Mom & I didn't want him to suffer any longer, and obviously neither did he. God had a plan - get him where he could be comfortable (although it wasn't his recliner at home) and could be looked after, give us a chance to accept that this time was really the time He wanted Shorty, and let him fall asleep, finally restful, with the help of meds.

He's gone too soon. But if the last few months say anything, he fought as much as he could & even more. Now is his time to rest here on earth & find all that heaven has to offer.

I'm so glad I was able to go on vacation on the bikes with him one last time this past June. He wasn't able to fish as much as I would have liked to see, but he still had fun and caught more fish than either PB or I. I'll never again follow the blue trike blindly wherever it went, knowing that Shorty wouldn't lead me anywhere that wasn't safe. I didn't even have to look both directions before I turned (even though I did - he taught me better than that) because he'd wouldn't go unless there was enough room/space for me to go also. I wish we could have gone out more after we got back but he just wasn't able to. Just a small ride with mom and that was the end of his riding season. But I'm so grateful for that last trip.

Go find the best roads in heaven for us Shorty. I'll be there later to once again follow wherever you lead. i love you

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Mia said...

Amen.. and what beautiful words. It's obvious he was well loved and cared for and I'm sure he knew it. You did all you could, but when God wants his own back, all we can hope for is peace..

::big hug:: I'm thinking of you today.