Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is there a circus in town?

Have you ever been so restless or bored or just un-entertained in your own life or your part of the world that you wanted to run away and join the circus?

Now I'm not talking about the little kid who thinks his mommy is the meanest person EVER that he runs away to the park until he gets bored and meanders back home.

I mean becoming a true circus person - a "carni" if you will. Hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy vendor. Or the chicky flying through the air on the trapeeze. Or the strong man who's married to the bearded lady.

Really just an escape from reality.....

Although to get past the fantasy of it all - I can picture the strong man and bearded lady fighting about the kids (lizard boy and lobster girl) doing their homework. Or the trapeeze chicky knocking back one more shot of Grandad whiskey before climbing that damn ladder again. And I remember my own summer jobs as a kid in the concession stands (showers never felt so good!).

I suppose that there's an escape in every part of the world no matter how mundane or uneventful it is. Even if its just the look on the other person's face as they realize that you just might be crazy after all.

For the most part I'm happy in my world - sure there's things I would change or fix, but it wouldn't be my world without those things (although some of them could go away.....). Time might fix those things or I might realize that they're just a part of the life I've created for myself.

Either way I'm not the hairy woman with the wet offspring that people pay to point and laugh at. I'm just me - whoever or whatever that is at any given moment. The magic of the circus will live on, if only in my wayward thoughts.

Hot dogs!! Carmel Corn!! Candy Apples!!
Step right up!! We have a winner!!

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The Purloined Letter said...

Your blog is full of lovely writing and great storytelling injected with insight. I'm so glad I found it!