Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All hooked up

As I was looking over my stash tonight and rearranging my needles into a new tote purchased for just that reason, my husband looks over at me. I show him how nicely all my needles and such fit nicely in this new tote and how everything is now nicely organized. (This of course does not include the needles on various projects or those still sitting on the coffee table.) He comments on how I've got a few hundred dollars in knitting stuff. So?!? Is it really so bad to have most of the needles you may ever need for projects yet undetermined? Or to have yarn for projects that you think you want to make but don't have time to start because you should probably finish one of you (many) UFO's?

I was never a boy scout but I bet they'd be impressed with my ability to be prepared for nearly any knitting project that may arise.

**Disclaimer: However, said prepared-ness does not negate the need for further stash enhancement.

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