Saturday, June 24, 2006

Farmer Chicky??

Today was a really good day. Went to some garage sales with PB (hubby), went out to lunch, came home and took a little nap.

We then went and dinked in the yard a bit. Now gardening and growing things really isn't my forte'. I've joked that if there's a plant I cannot kill - then that's the plant for me! All joking aside, it's the truth. My aunt had given me some hostas a couple years ago. I left them in the pots and watered them when I thought about (let me tell you - that wasn't often!). They stayed out all winter and in MI those things should have been dead by the time spring rolled around. They lived!! So after PB moved in and we got the back yard looking better than a weed haven I cut the hostas and planted them. Again, they lived!!



See that little terra cotta looking pot?? That thing was 2 leaves and a root. I "planted" and and figured if it died - it died, but if it lived - cool. It lived!! That was the hosta I cut up and planted today. AND I cut up some more pieced of it and got 4 more experiments and a pot with dirt and roots. Hey, if it grows - cool and if not than I've just been watering a pot with dirt.

The neighbors have a tree in their back yard that make those helicopters in the spring. Last year they ended up growing in the garage gutters. So as a joke I said that we should water the 'gutter trees'. Well PB picked up and ran with that idea and now we have 2 year old 'gutter trees'. I pulled some out from under the so called deck and planted those. Now my only question is how do I dig the other trees out of the gutters??

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Mia said...

Awesome! Love the before and after pics :-)