Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I want to suck your blood....

err.... actually they wanted mine.

I went & gave blood today - probably the first time in 12 or more years. I have to say this was a much better experience than last time. They actually found a vein without trying both arms, & causing much pain. It's too soon to tell on the bruising but I'd be surprised if there's much if even any.

I kind of went for selfish reasons. I figure if I'm going to school for Nursing chances are my classmates and I will be guinea pigs for each other at some point in time. I might as well start getting used to needles & being poked (yeah I know that sounded dirty.... ]: )

I'm signed up for 3 classes this summer, one at the South Haven campus and two online. One of the online classes is a pre-req for the RN program. They review your GPA in 5 pre-req's in order to get into the program. So I really need to bust ass & get great grades in those!!

& just because it's too cute not to share, meet Bub my little evil furry minion -

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