Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mom's Day or the day the rains left....

Happy mom's day to all out there.

I live in this town where our biggest claim to fame is the tulip. So this past week has been a blur of parades (yes, even in the rain), flowers, Dutch dancing, fair food and tourists. Generally, I try to avoid downtown during the week just because I've lived here all my life and I've seen enough of the lovely tulip to last me for a while. However, there is usually one night that I must venture out and savor all that is so not good for you - the fair food.

When I was a kid I had a summer job working in those same concession stands. So I am a more discerning connoisseur of the food. I absolutely hate cotton candy - after washing spun sugar out of my stiff hair (rivaling the "gel" in There's Something about Mary) I just can no longer stomach the stuff. Now the popcorn, caramel corn and occasional elephant ear - those are good eatin'!

This year it was just too cold, wet, rainy and generally icky to get out of the car to run to the booth and get the yearly treat. That just means when the fair is in town or during Coast Guard Festival I'll have an excuse to go!

Knitting is going well. My KoolAde dyeing experiment is turning into an adaptation of Crazy Aunt Purl's magic scarf - except mine is a Magic 8 Ball scarf (8 knit, 8 purl, on size 8 needles by 6 'blocks'). I'm afraid though I should have dyed a couple more skeins in order to make a longer scarf. Now if that doesn't sound like the perfect excuse (not that one is ever needed) to buy more yarn and dye some more - I don't know what does!

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