Sunday, May 27, 2007

Holiday weekend = dead mouse

So far it's been a quiet weekend. Friday night we went out for dinner with my husband's - - - not sure what to call him. It's hubby's mother's ex-boyfriend of 10 years or so. He's still very much a part of MIL's life & her parents lives. So what title does that give him?? I really need to create new titles for some of hubby's family....

Yesterday we ran some last minute errands for things we'd need for the weekend. You know - steak, fungus (mushrooms), for shish-ka-bob's. Already had the chicken, onion and pineapple chunks at home. Also picked up a fresh pineapple, tortilla chips, creamy mexi-dip, and whole tilapia fish. The fish are in the smoker as we speak and the steak and chicken will soon be in a marinade for later.

Now, for the dead mouse part of our story - -

I wake up this morning, head to the bathroom and one of the 2 cats that call this place home is going crazy around the toilet. Meowing and pacing back and forth under my legs. Normally she's going crazy in the sink trying to make you turn the water on so she can have a drink. So I walk back to the bedroom to get a flashlight (the bathroom light was not an option that early!).

I mention to PB that Maggie's going wacko and he tells me to go by him and he'd tell me why. Ok now I'm really curious and of course I have to go check it out! I look around where she's pacing and see a mouse trap behind the toilet.....

To the best of my knowledge (I learned later that I didn't know everything on this topic) there has not been a mouse in this house. Now there was a bat in here once but that's another story.

I crawl back into bed and that's when I learn about the events of early this morning. PB got up around 4 or so and headed to the bathroom only to see a cat going nuts and a mouse. He goes to get a shoe and hears our uninvited visitor squeaking.

Good, he thinks, Maggie's caught it and it won't be difficult to evict the little rodent. Maggie then hears PB behind her and lets the mouse go as she trots out of the bathroom. Great - now there's an injured rodent wandering around. He goes back outside to get a trap and gets it set up.

This whole time he's hoping beyond hope that I haven't woken up with all this commotion because I would have a heck of a time getting to sleep with the thought of a mouse in the house. (Now I'm not scared of them but my general take on uninvited nature in my house is that they need to leave or die - either way they gotta go!) He crawls back into bed and hears a little snore from me, and starts laughing to himself.

As he's telling me the story I'm trying to remember any strange noises or odd things I may have heard. I got nothing - I slept through the whole thing!

I get up, take a shower and then I see a little rodent head behind the behind/over the toilet shelf thingy and a tail behind the garbage. Fortunately, the head was laying back as if our little guest was trying to get a tan. According PB the little guy sustained some pretty good wounds from Maggie and wouldn't have stood much of a chance had he made it out of the house.

This just further proves that my statement is universal - "Don't mess with a Chicky!"

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