Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here fishy, fishy, fishy....

You know, the pattern was right. The muff looks like a fish before it's stitched together. Case in point - it's even still attached to the fishing lure that caught it!

There you have it folks the muff pre-sewing. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Light Sage and Bernat Denim Style in Chino held together for the cuffs. The body was made out of Lion Brand Homespun Edwardian throughout the whole body and Romanesque, Mediterranean, and Harvest added in. Talk about a great stash buster! I had all this yarn in my stash I didn't know what to do with.

I wanted to use something that would be soft and washable without felting. If this muff is going to stand any kind of a chance with me and these Michigan winters it has to be washable.

I followed the pattern for the most part, kinda. I started on US 10 for the first little cuff and 3 rounds of the body. Began to think I was crazy for trying to work with 2 strands of Homespun on 10's - so I switched to 10 1/2's. In the interest of stitch pattern equality I then switched back to 10's for 3 rounds of the end of the body and the second, longer cuff.

I really didn't want the body color to be in any form of a pattern. So I knitted with Romanesque until I was sick of that color, and switched to Mediterranean and then to Harvest. Then it was back to Mediterranean and Romanesque.

Here it is in all it's finished muff-ly goodness. Also included in the picture is the "not invited to the photo shoot cat" Beau. One of the 2 furballs that call me mom.


PB said...

Nice kitty, nice Muff. Love the hard wood floors!!!

Dave Daniels said...

That muff turned out SO great. Thanks for showing the before and afters. I've never seen the progress shots before.

jerica said...

hey, love the cat/bow and how he wasnt invited.

The Purloined Letter said...

Hysterical fish pic!

Mia said...

Awesome muff girl.. don't ya just love it?? I even took mine to Rhinebeck yesterday.. .just in case, but the weather was great and it wasn't needed.

Knit on!